Why register a vehicle?
The easy answer could be simply: why not?
There is, however, a more complex reasoning behind the idea and if the initiative had started up thirty or forty years ago, enthusiasts would by now have had their questions answered and their expectations and curiosity would have been satisfied. The Internet wasn't widely used back then, though, whereas nowadays thanks to this amazing means of communication, knowledge can be shared in real time.
And knowledge goes hand in hand with culture.
Culture must be allowed to circulate freely to give everyone the opportunity to learn, investigate and evaluate.
All registers or clubs for particular makes of vintage cars state their principle objective as being to create a record of vehicles still in existence.
What's the point though, if the information is not made available to enthusiasts?
The owner of an Alfa Romeo Giulietta station wagon, for example, could be interested in knowing whether others still exist anywhere else in the world and a De Luxe 2600 owner might want to know which other colours were used for the model. The owner of a GT1300 Junior might simply like to find out what adjustments and improvements other owners have made on the same model.
Alfaregister has been launched specifically for this – to pool information and make it available to enthusiasts. Everyone is free to contribute and the information is available to all, not just to satisfy the curiosity but also so that ideas regarding conservation or repairs to be done on any particular car can be shared and discussed. The opportunity to see a number of similar models, even if they are not perfect, if they've been altered or if they've undergone obvious conservation work, can be of considerable help.
Moreover, the act of registering a vehicle gives it a definite history – makes it real.
It should be made clear that the act of registering a vehicle can't in any way guarantee its authenticity. Who these days can really tell the difference between a false Giulia GTA and a real one? What can be done though, is to put together various pieces of information to see if they add up and draw conclusions.

Once again, if all this had begun when the cars first started to become collectors' items then the situation would be much clearer and the data could be replied upon. If a start is never made, however, nothing will ever be done.

That's why Alfaregister has been launched. The world is full of Alfa enthusiasts – now it's up to you to fill the website with info!

Suggestions and ideas for making the process even more user-friendly are very welcome. Many thanks.


Alfaregister has been created by Afra, Alfa Blue Team and Fucina after decades in the world of Alfa Romeo.