Frequently asked questions

1 Which vehicles can be registered on the Alfaregister?

All Alfa Romeos made since 1910 up to the Alfa 75s (including SZ and RZ).

2 Who can register an Alfa Romeo?

The owner or driver can, or even an enthusiast who's merely seen the car at a rally, auction or other event.

3 How do you register a vehicle?

After registering as a user, access the registration form and follow the easy steps that lead to final registration. The only obligation is to fill in the compulsory fields and attach one, or preferably more than one, clear photos of the vehicle.

4 Who can access the register?

Within a few hours of registering, users receive a password that enables the complete database to be accessed. They can then register new vehicles. Visitors, on the other hand, can access an incomplete database containing basic information.

5 Can the name or email of the person who made a particular registration be accessed?

No, the name of the owner or driver, or whoever registered the vehicle, will never be made public. User ID only will be displayed.

6 How do I contact the owner or whoever registered a vehicle in order to ask questions or swap notes?

It isn't possible to contact other users directly. You can however send a specific request to the website and it will be forwarded to the persons concerned who can then reply directly if they wish.  

7 What is the main reference data used for vehicles?

The chassis serial number or if that's unavailable, the number plate. This number becomes the vehicle identifier and Alfaregister works from this. If neither number is available, registration is still possible but the record will be added to the “Alfaspotter” category and other users will be able to contribute with the missing data.

8 When does a new record appear online?

New registrations are checked to see if the information conforms (eg a Giulia GT cannot be added to the “saloon car” category but must go in the  “coupé” category) and they are visible online within two or three days. 

9 What should I do if I insert incorrect data by mistake or if I want to update something?

When a new record has been uploaded, the information can only be modified by the user who registered the vehicle. If other users have more complete or more recent data, they should fill in the appropriate form and add the number of the database record they wish to update (found near the nationality flag). The record will subsequently be updated or corrected by the database administrators.